Tour: Meet and Greet

You’ve scheduled your tour, now, what to expect?  Our tours and play visit take no more than 30 minutes (usually less).  We want you to bring your child, your photo id and a willingness to play. 
As you walk and visit, let us help you assess what you will see and hear.  

Noise:  Yes, lots of noise and chatter of little kiddos.  Happy chatter is the key to well-run classroom. Teacher’s encourage chatter during playtime and activities.  

Teacher interactions with the children: Watch our staff interact with the children, see the child’s reactions to their voices and guidance.  Our staff use low voices and encouraging words and can be useful in guiding a child to make better choices and decisions. Our staff give logical consequences to a child that needs encouragement and we allow them to make mistakes and most importantly, learn from those mistakes.  The key to learning with discipline is with healthy guidance and encouragement. 

Play: the classrooms may be small (our building is over 55 years old) but we manage to pack many fun and interactive items in each room.  The rooms will have small area’s for a reading, creative art, dramatic play/housekeeping, manipulatives, math and science.  

Decor: look around at the walls, it will include crafts, drawings and messy child creations.  Bright colors on the walls and bright light from the large windows.  

Outdoor area: Installed in 2004, the outside play area will have scooters, trikes, sand toys, balls, trucks and cars, climbing apparatuses, slides and swings.  The area is completely enclosed and has a sidewalk to use the riding toys. Children go outside everyday if weather permits.  

Parent Information Boards: the school has two areas that will maintain important information such as current licensing certificate, menus, tuition, newsletters and community resources.  

Restroom facilities: Our school maintains facilities in each preschool hallways. Children are always escorted to the restroom either by class or on an as needed basis by preschool staff.  

Open Door Policy for all enrolled families: come visit, read a story, participate in family events, attend parent/teacher meetings,  or help with fundraisers. 

During your tour, your child will be invited to walk in, check out and explore a classroom space.  We welcome them to play and participate if they feel comfortable. Parents are welcome to join in too. 

Feel free to bring a list of questions with you while you take your tour.  We welcome any questions you may have while you look for the perfect place for your child to learn and grow.