St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was established in Hikes Point in 1956. In 1961, the church created a ministry of educational outreach with help from long time members, Hortense and B.M. Rivers. Since this time, St. Paul’s Preschool has been a mainstay in the Hikespoint/St. Regis area as an educational hub. Beginning our educational journey as the premier site for Kindergarten before any local school systems offered the option, St. Paul’s hosted hundreds of young learners from all over the city for many years.

As Kindergarten programs streamlined into local public and private schools, St. Paul’s educational hub transitioned into offering a variety of preschool only classes. The preschool offers classes for 30+ months to school aged children. The preschool is currently licensed for 91 children and is a half day program running on an August to May calendar.

It is our goal at St. Paul’s to provide each child with educational experiences in a safe, nurturing and secure environment. The program is designed to allow children both the structure and freedom that we believe provides the best approach to early childhood education.